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A little bit about DMC Custom Cartridges. 

DMC Custom Cartridges was born from the ashes of the Handgun ban. Having been making pistol ammunition for my own use for several years I started making ammunition for the rifles that replaced my handguns. After a friend commented on how well my ammunition grouped I decided to put my knowledge and experience to good use and formed Custom Cartridges in 1998. I am pleased to announce a New Logo, New Website, New Premises and New Products in 2016. Welcome to DMC.

OUR MISSION - To develop the most precise and reliable ammunition possible, able to consistently out perform the competition. With an emphasis on accuracy and target effect, tuned to the users weapon and instilling ultimate confidence in our product.

We want you to hit First Time, Every Time!


THE SOLUTION - Using the latest computer assisted technology and extensive field testing, to create ammunition using the most up to date range of projectiles  and the latest propellants,from the finest manufacturers, in custom loaded rounds to suit not only the weapon but also the quarry and environment in which it will be used.

The latest designs, including lead free and CNC produced projectiles are assembled to the finest tolerances, for enhanced precision. Providing our clients with personalised ammunition built to be the most accurate round possible.


THE RESULT - As we approach our 20th year producing the finest ammunition available, our order book continues to fill. We still have customers who started working with us at the begining and our brand can be seen in hunting lodges around the world.

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